How chiropractic care can help you

Chiropractic care can help babies and children, through to adults, pregnant women, the elderly and the active — from regular exercisers through to sports people and athletes — and people with chronic complaints or recovering from accidents.

Here are some of the ways chiropractic can help different people. However, this is just a brief list so please feel to discuss your specific needs and circumstances with us.

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Neck pain and headaches

Neck pain and headaches often happen when vertebrae in the neck become locked up and irritate nerves coming from the spine. If the irritation is bad enough, pain or pins and needles can travel down the arms. These problems can be caused by injuries — small or large — or slowly build up over a period of time due to bad posture.

Chiropractors gently adjust the neck using a specific force in a precise direction to improve the movement of vertebrae and reduce pain. Scientific research has shown this to be an extremely safe procedure when done by a fully qualified Chiropractor.


The healthier a mother’s back the easier the birth. This means less stress on the baby during the birth process. If a mother’s spine and pelvis are misaligned during pregnancy, there may be an imbalance in muscles and ligaments and birth may be more difficult.

Chiropractors gently adjust the spine and pelvis to improve alignment and function. If the mother's spine is functioning optimally then nerves coming from the spine can function as they should and the organs these nerves control (including the womb) can function normally, providing the best growing environment for the developing baby.

Babies and children

Spinal problems can begin in the womb if the developing baby becomes stuck in one position. Spinal problems can also occur during the birthing process when a baby undergoes increased pressure causing spinal stress. This is why it is wise to have babies checked by a chiropractor soon after birth. Like the rest of us, babies and children suffer from accidents and injuries that can affect the spine.  Chiropractic care for babies and children is extremely gentle.










Exercises to improve spinal function

Exercises can be very effective in helping with spinal rehabilitation and to improve posture. If exercises are performed properly and regularly, they can help to decrease stress and improve spinal function.

Chiropractors will often recommend exercises during the course of care and base the need for exercises on patient history, postural analysis, examination and x-rays if necessary.

Age-related conditions e.g. arthritis, osteoporosis

We can expect some chronic pain and discomfort as we age but it is also important to try and understand the cause of that pain so a thorough initial assessment is needed to find the root cause of the problem. Often it isn't the size of the injury that is the main cause but the fact that it has been building up over some time. Unfortunately, the longer the problem has been there, the worse the condition can be.

At Blanchfield Chiropractic we will refer and liaise with other healthcare professionals if required. We also ensure that very gentle procedures are used on older people.

Back Problems

Back problems can have many causes including work injuries, chronic mechanical stress, sporting accidents and even a lack of exercise. These problems can build up slowly over a long period of time without major symptoms.

Chiropractors are trained to diagnose and manage back problems and related health issues. If back problems have been neglected over a long period of time, ongoing supportive care may be needed.

Postural Advice

Having good posture is essential for spinal health. With more and more people of all ages sitting and using computers for longer periods each day, there has been a corresponding increase in forward head carriage and a decrease (and even a reversal) of the normal curve in the neck. This creates an increased load on the neck leading to degeneration/arthritis (decay) in the neck. It has been said that computers are the enemy of the normal cervical curve so good posture is essential. Unfortunately it is easy to fall into bad postural habits and the effect on our wellbeing can last for many years and even a lifetime.

Chiropractors give advice on posture to minimise strain on your back. To ensure optimal spinal health, we continually monitor our patients' posture and make changes where necessary.


Health is optimal physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing. For good health there are five main things we need to address:

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Rest
  4. Positive Mental Attitude
  5. Sound Central Nervous System

A Chiropractor's main focus is a Sound Central Nervous System. We gently adjust the spine to remove interference to the nervous system and improve health. When your nervous system is working properly, the nerves, tissues and organs in your body can function normally.

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